Q. Are there any ordering tips available for placing an online catering order?
  A. Yes, quick tips are available on the site from a link on the catering homepage.
Q. When I place a catering order, is it necessary for me to type in my credit card number each time I place an order?
  A. Yes, it is necessary to type in your card number and expiration date each time you place an order.
Q. Is there a way for me to print out the catering menu?
  A. Yes, you can view and print out the entire catering menu by going to on the catering site and choosing.
Q. Now that we have a website can I still call the catering department if I have a question?
  A. Yes, we are always happy to help you. Please call us at: ext. 557881
Q. Can I change my order online?
  A. Yes, you can change your order online and you will receive an email confirmation of your order. For online order changes we do require 24 hours notice. If your changes are on shorter notice than that, please call us.
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